Executive Towers

South elevation from slight distance. Parking garage is at lower left.
Photo shows the south elevation from slight distance. Note the central fire escape/stairwell. Parkin

Photograph by Mark Boisclair (Mark Boisclair Photography, Inc.), courtesy of Arizona State Historic

Quick Facts
207 W. Clarendon, Phoenix, Arizona
Listed in the National Register of Historic Places, reference number SG100000455

The Executive Towers, completed in July of 1963, is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as the work of a master, Phoenix designer Alfred Newman Beadle. At the time, Al Beadle was the designer in the firm of Alan A. Dailey and Associates, the architect of record. Upon completion, the $4.5 million, 22-story Executive Towers became the tallest building in Phoenix and the State of Arizona. Executive Towers is a strong statement of mid-century Modernism, unique among other Phoenix architecture of the period, and a pivotal building that established the career and reputation of Al Beadle as a prominent Modernist designer in Arizona. Known primarily for the residential architecture that symbolized his Phoenix career subsequent to the Executive Towers, Beadle earned national acclaim both as a result of Executive Towers, and publication in the "Case Study" series of Art and Architecture magazine in 1963 that established Beadle as a major architect of Mid-century Modern buildings on the national scene. 

(Note, Al Beadle did not become a registered architect until 1967, but he is recognized as the designer, as documented on the original drawings for Executive Towers.)

Last updated: November 17, 2017