Ellicott Arch and 99 Steps

Black and white of arch looking out on grassy area with trees on edges of area
Emerald Necklace's 99 Steps, Job #00918, Boston, MA

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Quick Facts
Boston, MA
Olmsted Designed Park
Olmsted Sr passed onto his sons and firm members the belief that parks should be as natural as possible, fitting in seamlessly with the landscape. John Charles certainly followed in his father’s footsteps when designing Ellicott Arch. Completed in 1899, the exterior is covered with Roxbury puddingstone boulders taken from the area.Across the road from Ellicott Arch are the 99 Steps, also made of puddingstone from the area. The steps wind gracefully into the Wilderness, a 65-acre native oak forest, intended to provide a typical example of a New England woods.

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