Dunloup Falls

A wide cascade of water flowing down a rocky drop-off into a rock filled pool
Dunloup Falls

© Andy Hammes

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New River Gorge Waterfall Tour Stop 5:

Dunloup Creek, a tributary of the New River, winds through the park following active railroad tracks until it reaches the New River at the historic town of Thurmond. Along the way, the creek drops 20 feet off a shelf of sandstone to form Dunloup Falls. Lucky visitors may be able to spot a coal train riding the rails just above the falls.


Dunloup Falls is located along the road to the historic railroad town of Thurmond.

Travel Advisory: Thurmond Road is winding and narrow at times. Large vehicles over 25 feet in length and trailers are not recommended.

If Following Waterfall Tour from Butcher Branch Falls: Return back to US-19 through the town of Fayetteville. Take a left to follow US-19 south 10.8 miles past the town of Oak Hill. Turn left at the signal following sings for Glen Jean and the Thurmond Historic District. Immediately take another left and head north on WV-61 for 0.4 miles. Take a right towards Thurmond and follow Thurmond Road for 4.3 miles. The falls are located at an unmarked pullout with a large rock.

From Thurmond Depot: Return to the Thurmond Road by crossing the New River on the one lane bridge. Continue for 2.2 miles past the Rend Trailhead. The falls are located at an unmarked pullout with a large rock.

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Last updated: September 15, 2023