Discovery Hill Recreation Area

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Quick Facts

In August of 1805, the Corps of Discovery moved up the Lemhi River Valley into the area of today’s Salmon, Idaho, where the Lemhi meets the Salmon River.  They would have peered up onto the surrounding mountains, never imagining the things people would one day do in the region for enjoyment and recreation. 

Just a few miles north of downtown Salmon, mountain bikers enjoy exceptional single-track riding trails – smooth terrain through rolling sage hills set against the stunning backdrops of the Continental Divide above and the Salmon River Valley below. This is Discovery Hill Recreation Area where the trails are generally smooth, fast and moderately challenging, making it an idea place for riders of all skills and abilities.   
Managed by the Bureau of Land Management, Discovery Hill has over 30 miles of trails.  While it’s open for riding all year, the BLM asks that riders not ride during periods of heavy rain or snow – to avoid damaging the trail.  When in doubt, be sure to contact the BLM office in Salmon by calling 208-756-5400.  

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