Danish West India and Guinea Company Warehouse

historic photo of the Christiansted harbor square, ca. 1912.
The historic square in Christiansted.

Danish Maritime Museum

Quick Facts
Christiansted National Historic Site
The warehouse complex was where all goods brought to Christiansted in the 1700s and 1800s were assessed and taxed.
National Historic Site
Within two years of the Danes taking over St. Croix in 1734 a complex consisting of a weighing house, a customs house, and a warehouse was built. The West India and Guinea Company Warehouse complex was finished in 1749, built by enslaved Africans owned by the Company. The entire complex was more than double the size it is today, and included stables, kitchens, slave quarters. In the 1790s the complex was cut in half, when Hospital Street was extended to reach the Christiansted wharf. Enslaved Africans were sold in the courtyard until the 1750s. In the 20th century the main large ware house served as a telegraph and post office.

Last updated: December 1, 2020