Danish Customs House

a large yellow building with staircase in front and green shutters
The Danish colonial government sits prominently on the Christianstead waterfront.

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Quick Facts
Christianstead National Historical Site
historic structure where customs and taxes were collected
National Historical Site
Completed between 1840 and 1842 on the site of the earlier slave and sugar trading compound, the building contains elements from 18th and 19th century customs infrastructure. The Danish colonial government carried out the collection of customs revenues, or duties/taxes, at this location. The Customs House is prominently located, due to its critical role in Colonial operations, between the wharf, Scale House, and Danish West India & Guinea Company Warehouse. Until 1927 the Customs Service for St. Croix was located in this building. From 1926 to 1972 the building served as the first public library in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Up to and including the 1980s, the first floor of the building functioned as the office of the Delegate to Congress with the second floor as a library run by the Bureau of Libraries, Archives, and Museums. The structure has recently undergone complete restoration, post Hurricane Omar (2010–2012), and will support park management offices on the first and second floors (2014).

Christiansted National Historic Site

Last updated: December 1, 2020