Cullaby Lake County Park

Families play in the playground along the shore of Cullaby Lake backdropped by forest
Cullaby Lake County Park

"080_cullaby_lake_munsel_odfw" by Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.

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Warrenton, OR

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Cullaby Lake County Park is a 165-acre park located off Highway 101 between Astoria and Seaside, Oregon. The lake is said to take its name from a man named Cullaby, a well-known Indian thought to be the son of Jack Ramsay, a native man whom Meriwether Lewis and William Clark met on December 31, 1805. Described by Clark as being “…freckled with long duskey red hair, about 25 years of age, and must Certainly be half white at least, this man appeared to understand more of the English language than the others of his party, but did not Speak a word of English, he possessed all the habits of the Indians,” it is speculated that Ramsay’s father was had either been shipwrecked or deserted from a British trading ship.

The park offers public access to Cullaby Lake, along with a boat launch and docks and a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy, such as playgrounds, fishing, swimming, nature observation areas, and picnicking, just to name a few. Four-stall restrooms with flushing toilets are also on site.

The picnic shelters are available for rental year-round. The fee is $35 per day. Call (503) 338-3740 or (503) 325-6452 to make a reservation. A park pass is required to enter the park. Areas of the park can also be reserved for special events. For more information, visit Cullaby Lake County Park.

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