Crystal Forest Trail

Multiple tan petrified logs gather along the Crystal Forest Trail under a blue sky.
Crystal Forest Trail

NPS Photo/Andrew V Kearns

Quick Facts
About mile marker 20 from the north entrance, 8 miles from the south entrance.
Historically a favorite site to see petrified wood.

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Length: 0.75 mile (1.2 km) loopTrailhead: Crystal Forest parking areaNamed for the presence of beautiful crystals that can be found in the petrified logs, this trail offers one of the best opportunities to experience the petrified wood deposits. Please leave the petrified wood for others to enjoy. Report any removal of petrified wood or other materials to park staff.

Depending on the individual, parts of the trail are available to mobility devices.
Tread width: 71 in (179.8 cm), min 65 in (165.1 cm)Grade: 5.2%, max 22.5%Cross Slope: 2.2%, max 11.3%

Petrified Forest National Park

Last updated: December 22, 2022