CCC Stone Bridge

Black and white photo of an historic four-arch bridge built in 1939-1940 by the CCC
CCC Stone Bridge Constructed in 1939-1940

NPS Photo

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Elkmont Campground, Gatlinburg, TN 37738
Four-arch bridge built by the CCC in 1939-1940

You are now at a historic bridge built from 1939-40 by the Civilian Conservation Corp or CCC. This bridge is the only four-arch bridge in the park. The CCC was created by President Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s to help the economy and infrastructure of the country. The park had over 4,000 men living and working in 22 camps from 1933-1941. Their work included developing hiking trails, planting trees, and building roads and campgrounds. Some speculate that what the CCC accomplished in eight years would have taken today’s park staff over fifty years to complete.

“If you want to see their work, look around you.” 

Before the current bridge was built, trains traveled over a wooden bridge. Facing north, look 50 yards across the bridge on the right and imagine a train parked next to a depot/platform. There, Daisy Town residents unloaded their belongings to stay for the summer. They then walked up a boardwalk to the Appalachian Clubhouse to their summer cottage.  

Follow the road up to the second parking area at the top of the hill. While walking or driving, imagine arriving by train with plans to spend the entire summer in this area. 

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Last updated: January 11, 2024