Bunker Hill - Prescott Statue

Dark bronze statue of a colonial colonel, William Prescott.
Col. William Prescott served in the Massachusetts militia and fought in the Battle of Bunker Hill.

NPS Photo/Sullivan

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Bunker Hill Grounds

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Colonel William Prescott served as one of the ranking officers on the field for the New England militia during the Battle of Bunker Hill. He oversaw the overnight construction of the redoubt on top of Breed's Hill - where the Bunker Hill Monument now stands. He is effectively considered to have been the commander of the redoubt. When dawn broke and British cannon opened fire on his position, accounts identify Prescott walking on top of the dirt walls of the redoubt, showing the men they had nothing to fear under fire. In a sense, this statue portrays Prescott walking that same redoubt wall, defiantly encouraging his men to stand up to cannon fire and continue holding their position.

Boston National Historical Park

Last updated: January 17, 2023