Bethphage Mission

Outside of the building, yellow walls and red roofs.

Quick Facts
1044 23rd Road, Axtell, NE
National Register of Historic Places
Bethphage Mission in Axtell is significant at the state level under a variety of criteria. Bethphage is eligible under Criterion A for its care of disabled individuals in Nebraska and its association with the Swedish and the Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church in Nebraska during the late 19th and 20th centuries. Under Criterion B, Bethphage founder Reverend Kjell Gustav William Dahl conceived the idea to serve people with disabilities as valued members of society and whose single-minded determination made Bethphage a reality. Lastly, under Criterion C, the buildings being nominated were built in a Swedish National Romanticism style, a unique style in Nebraska. Significant dates listed tie to the founding of Bethphage Mission in 1913 and the building of the significant contributing buildings including Tabor Hall in 1916, Kidron in 1928, Zion Chapel in 1931 and Bethesda in 1951. While there is a tie to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the property derives its primary significance from architectural distinction and historical importance.

Last updated: July 28, 2017