Berry Falls

Waterfalls flow into a river with green trees an banks on their perimeter.
Berry Falls flow directly in to Niobrara National Scenic River.

NPS, G. Warrick

Quick Facts
Berry Falls, Berry Bridge Road
Common canoe launch & Benchmark for Floaters
Scenic Waterfall on Private Land

Canoe/Kayak/Small Boat Launch, Parking - Auto, Restroom - Seasonal, Scenic View/Photo Spot

Berry Falls are a beloved and well known stop for regular floaters of the Niobrara National Scenic River.

The Berry Falls are located adjacent to Berry Bridge on Berry Bridge Road on the South bank of the river. These 8 foot tall waterfalls flow directly into the Niobrara River and are a welcome site for floaters. They signal the change from floating in the Fort Niobrara National Wildlife Refuge to floating through private lands. 

There are two private canoe, kayak, and tube landing/launches on the Northern bank of the river as well as a public restroom, a section for public parking, and great views of the Berry Falls from all angles.

We love viewing the falls from the Berry Bridge in every season. The falls flow year-round and under the guise of a gentle snowfall bring a sense of calm and stillness. The sound of the falls feeding into the river with the echoes of laughter from floaters rings in the summer season. 

Floaters on the river take their time passing these waterfalls; it is rare to get so close to waterfalls while floating the Niobrara River. Many of the other waterfalls are tucked up and into canyons or are too high up on the river walls for visitors to feel the spray and splash of the flow. 

Climbing on the Berry Falls is not allowed. The land of that river bank is actually privately owned, and the owners would like to preserve the structure of the Berry Falls for many years and visitors to come. 

Niobrara National Scenic River

Last updated: November 7, 2021