Auto Tour Stop #9: New York Monuments

10th New York Monument
10th New York Monument along New York Avenue

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New York Remembers Its Own

In 1906 the State of New York authorized the erection of three monuments on the field of the Second Battle of Manassas, honoring the sacrifices of the Fifth New York Volunteers, the Tenth New York Volunteers, and the Fourteenth Brooklyn. Follow the mowed path on your left to the site of the Fourteenth Brooklyn Monument. The park road continues 0.3 mile to the monuments to the Fifth and Tenth New York.

On the afternoon of 30 August 1862, seeing the Union lines in disarray following the repulse of Porter's assault at the Deep Cut, Confederate General James Longstreet pushed his massive columns forward and staggered the Union left flank.  

A brief, futile stand on this ridge by the 5th and 10th New York Regiments ended in slaughter. In a matter of minutes, the 5th New York lost 123 men - the greatest loss of life in any single infantry regiment in any battle of the Civil War. 

Manassas National Battlefield Park

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