Administration-Clock Tower Building

A red brick building with a tall clock tower stands against a bright blue sky.
The west entrance of the Administration Clock Tower Building.

NPS Photo/Daniel Ples

Quick Facts
610 E 111th St, Chicago, IL 60628
Administrative Building of Pullman Palace Car Company
National Historical Park

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Built in 1880, the Administration Clock Tower Building formed the central mass of a monumental structure seven hundred feet long. As the manufacturing center of Pullman, the Administration and Factory Complex was an unusually ornate industrial building designed to sit in a park-like setting. The structure overlooked the artificial Lake Vista, which was a cooling reservoir for the Corliss steam engine. The main facade faced the Illinois Central tracks, and thus was one of the first buildings a visitor would see. The Pullman Company stood as both a real and symbolic expression of the great economic power of the railroad industry, it was essential the building display a strong sense of formal ordering.

In 1991, the State of Illinois purchased the Administration Clock Tower Building to comprise the Illinois Pullman State Historic Site. The 12.66-acre site is at the northeast corner of 111th Street and Cottage Grove Avenue, directly north of the Hotel Florence.

After standing for 117 years as a Pullman landmark, the Administration Clock Tower Building was seriously damaged by a fire set by an arsonist on December 1, 1998. The tower and clock were rebuilt and installed on site in late 2005. The district was named a National Monument (now National Historical Park) on February 19, 2015, making it a component of the National Park System. Now, as of Labor Day 2021, the building hosts the National Park Service's Visitor Center. 

Pullman National Historical Park

Last updated: February 13, 2024