Abraham Lincoln Home

Modern photo of Lincoln Home in snow
The Lincoln Home in Springfield, Illinois

National Park Service

Quick Facts

Abraham Lincoln came of age while living and working as a private citizen in Springfield, Illinois. It was here that he chose to settle down, build a life for himself and his family, and worked hard to achieve success. At the same time, many of Lincoln's social and political beliefs were formed while he lived in the house at Eighth and Jackson Streets.

The house that would become the future Lincoln Home was built in 1839 for the Reverend Charles Dresser. Dresser actually married Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd in 1842. When the house was completed, the house stood one-and-a-half stories tall with five rooms including a sleeping loft.

In May 1844, the Lincolns purchased the Dresser home and lot for $1500. Abraham, Mary, and Robert, born August 1, 1843, moved into the comfortable home.

The Lincolns continued to live in the house until departing for the White House in February 1861. The Lincolns never returned to their house on the corner of Eighth and Jackson Streets. Today, the restored house reflects the Lincoln Home of 1860.

Last updated: March 12, 2015