White House Kitchen Garden

The walkway going through the White House Kitchen Garden.
Kitchen Garden Walkway

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Washington, DC

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The White House Kitchen Garden was planted on the South Lawn by First Lady Michelle Obama in 2009. The 2,800 square foot garden provides locally-grown food for the first family and White House guests. What's more, the garden is a model for how people like you can grow nutritious food at home. Although the White House Kitchen Garden is a recent addition, there is a long tradition of produce-growing at the White House. President John Adams planned the first vegetable garden on the White House grounds in 1797. Many presidents and first ladies continued the practice by planting fruit trees, orchards, and establishing greenhouses. During World War II, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt planted a Victory Garden at the White House, encouraging all Americans to grow their own food to overcome supply shortages during the war.

The National Park Service cares for the White House grounds including the Kitchen Garden. Our team of dedicated professionals, many of whom have cared for the White House grounds for decades, maintains the soil, plants the crops, tends the garden, and harvests the crops with the White House kitchen staff. The best times to get a close-up view of the White House Kitchen Garden are during the Spring and Fall Garden Tours, as well as the Easter Egg Roll. Outside of these special events, you can catch a glimpse of the garden from outside the South Lawn fence. When standing within view of the White House near the Zero Milestone, look to the left to spot the garden and the apiary.

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Last updated: April 7, 2021