Waterfront Park: Labyrinth

A paved, spiraling maze pattern on a grass lawn.
Waterfront Park Labyrinth

NPS / Claire Hassler

Quick Facts
Georgetown Waterfront Park

Wheelchair Accessible

Visit the Labyrinth at Georgetown Waterfront Park!

Labyrinths are used in many faiths in many parts of the world as conduits for meditation, prayer and mental health. It is an ancient method that can help decrease the stress in a hectic world. Visitors to Georgetown Waterfront Park are encouraged to visit the labyrinth and take part in traveling this ancient meditative pathway.

Labyrinths and mazes differ since labyrinths have only one path--there are no dead ends in a labyrinth and no way to get lost.

Visitors to the labyrinth are encouraged to follow the tan part of the pathway into the labyrinth. Follow these steps for a mentally calming experience.


Take a moment to relax and reflect. Take deep breaths and slowly step on to the tan pathway.

The Journey In:

Release concerns and quiet the mind, continue to take slow, deep breaths.

The Center:

Receive what this moment offers--some people choose to kneel while others stand still for a moment. Others like to close their eyes or bow their heads.  

The Journey Out:

Review and reflect on your way out of the labyrinth. Keep taking those deep relaxing breaths.


Carry the experience into your life and come back and visit the labyrinth again!



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Last updated: January 30, 2024