Two Ocean Lake Trailhead

Two visitors with a baby at the Two Ocean Lake trailhead sign shaded by lodgepole pines.
Two Ocean Lake Trailhead

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Location: Access the Two Ocean Lake Trailhead from the main highway. Travel one mile northwest from the Moran Entrance, turn northeast onto Pacific Creek Road for two miles, and then turn north onto the dirt Two Ocean Lake Road for two and a half miles. Park at the end of the road.

Notes: These trails are lightly traveled and pass through prime bear habitat. Facilities include a small, dirt parking lot, vault toilet and a few picnic tables. Remember to bring water with you. Bears may be active any place and at any time-travel in groups, make noise and carry bear spray. Hikers cannot access backcountry camping in the park from this trailhead.


A gently rolling network of trails traverses conifer forests and sagebrush meadows with loops around both Two Ocean and Emma Matilda lakes. A steeper climb leads to Grand View Point with spectacular views of the Teton Range and Jackson Lake. Fewer hikers access these trails that cross through prime bear habitat. Please use extra caution carry bear spray and make noise while hiking.

**Two Ocean Lake**
6.4 miles RT, 3 hours, 400 ft total climbing, Moderate.
Circle lake through forests and meadows.

**Emma Matilda Lake**
10.7 miles RT, 6 hours, 1100 ft total climbing, Moderate.
Circle the lake. The north trail follows a ridge offering views of the Teton Range.

**Two Ocean & Emma Matilda Lakes**
13.2 miles RT, 7 hours, 1400 ft total climbing,
Follow north shore Two Ocean Lake and south shore of Emma Matilda Lake, crossing over Grand View Point.

Name Origin

The lake is named for Two Ocean Plateau on the Continental Divide in Yellowstone National Park many miles to the northeast. The name is a misnomer since all the water from the lake flows west into the Snake River.

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Last updated: November 7, 2021