Tunnel Parking Overlook

View overlooking mountains.
What's the view from Tunnel Parking Overlook?

Quick Facts

Scenic View/Photo Spot

Looking east at an elevation of 2,510 ft (756 m), from Tunnel Parking Overlook you will view two larger mountains. Skinner Ridge is towards the right. Oventop Mountain is towards the left and a little farther away. Beyond where these two mountains meet is the town of Sperryville. Civilian Conservation Corps workers blasted through the hills of Marys Rock for three months before completing the tunnel that gave this overlook its name in 1932.

Historical Views

Tunnel Parking Overlook has long been one of the most popular overlooks in the Park. This image is from a busy Sunday morning in 1935 before Shenandoah National Park was officially established.

Shenandoah National Park

Last updated: November 7, 2021