The Texas White House

Shade from trees covers a green lawn and a sidewalk leads up to a large, white, two-story home.
The home of President and Mrs. Johnson

NPS Photo / Cynthia Dorminey

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The home of Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson at the LBJ Ranch was a place of family and of well as a place for rejuvenation. During his five-year administration, President Johnson spent a quarter of his time here—74 visits totaling 490 days. To the world, it became known as "The Texas White," but for the Johnson family, it was simply known as "Our Heart's Home."

While Lyndon Johnson was growing up, it was the home of his Uncle Clarence and Aunt Frank Martin. Some of his earliest memories as a young boy were of the "big house on the river." The house he loved for decades became his in 1951 after he purchased it and approximately 240 acres from his widowed aunt.

As his career grew, so did the house and its functions. The Johnsons added an office in 1958 when he was senate majority leader. In 1962, the dining room and kitchen were both extended to create additional space for entertaining when he was vice president. Additional bedrooms and bathrooms were created and remodeled to house invited guests including world leaders such as the President of Mexico, West German Chancellor, and Israeli Prime Minister. In 1967, late in his presidency, the couple added two master suites for the comfort of their upcoming retirement.

In the end, the Texas White House expanded to include 28 rooms (8 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms) spanning over 8,400 square feet.

Lyndon B Johnson National Historical Park

Last updated: January 12, 2024