String Lake Trailhead

Hikers on bridge across the outlet of String Lake just past trailhead with view of the Cathedral Group and Mount St. John
Hikers on String Lake Bridge

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Location: Access the String Lake Trailhead from the Jenny Lake scenic loop drive. Turn west at North Jenny Lake Junction, bend north where the road splits and choose from a series of parking lots. The first parking lot is the String Lake Trailhead. The second lot serves as a canoe launch for String Lake. The third lot provides access to the Leigh Lake Trailhead and the String Lake Picnic Area.

Notes: This area is popular for picnicking and water sports. Parking is often congested mid-day especially on weekends. Restrooms and water are located at the Leigh Lake trailhead. Bears may be active any place and at any time-travel in groups, make noise and carry bear spray. Backcountry camping requires a permit-pick one up at a backcountry permits office.


Hikers may choose from a wide variety of options. Some may opt for the relatively level trail that begins along the east shore of String Lake and extends north to Leigh, Bearpaw and Trapper lakes. Others may enjoy a loop around String Lake with views of the Jackson Hole valley. For those looking for a longer hike, venture up Cascade or Paintbrush canyons to reach the alpine lakes such as Lake Solitude and Holly Lake.

String Lake Loop
3.7 miles RT, 2 hours, 325 ft total climbing, Easy.
Trail circles the lake through a burned area below Rockchuck Peak and Mount St. John.

Paintbrush-Cascade Loop
19.0 miles RT, 13 hours, 4350 ft total climbing, Very Strenuous.
Spectacular hike loops two canyons via Paintbrush Divide. An ice axe may be necessary through July.

Name Origin

The shallow lake between Leigh and Jenny lakes was named Beaver Dick Lake in 1931 after Richard "Beaver Dick" Leigh who guided the 1872 Hayden Survey. The name changed back to String Lake sometime later in the 1930s.

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