Spruce Burl Trailhead

A trail through a forest. The trees have large round protrusions, or burls, in their bark.
Spruce Burl Trail

NPS/E. Goode

Quick Facts
A branch of the Beach 1 trail.

Full Accessibility Description

Length: 960 feet
Surface Type: Compacted gravel
Typical Trail Width: 2 feet
Typical Running Slope: Under 5%
Typical Cross Slope: Under 3%
Description: As the name suggests, the Spruce Burl Trail navigates through a forest of spruce trees with large burls. It is a loop trail that starts and ends on the Beach 1 Trail. There are parking pullouts on both the east and west side of the highway for Beach 1. If parking on the east side of the highway, exercise extreme caution when crossing the highway, as the speed limit is 55 mph and there is no crosswalk.

The trail starts at the edge of the west-side pullout and proceeds into the forest. All grades on this hike are under 5%. Proceed up the Beach 1 Trail for 115 feet. There is a sign for the Spruce Burl Trail at the intersection. Turn right to follow the trail. At 445 feet, there is a short, narrow bridge. On the ocean (west) side of the loop, grasses and berry vines often grow densely along the trail. There are also numerous roots crossing the trail, some on the west side 8-10 inches. At 565 feet, the trail meets the Beach 1 Trail. Turn left to return to the parking area. It is 165 feet back to the first intersection, and another 115 feet from there to the parking area.

Olympic National Park

Last updated: April 2, 2024