Snake River Overlook

Ansel Adams iconic image of the Snake River in the foreground and the central Teton Range in the background.
Ansel Adams: Tetons and the Snake River

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Ansel Adams photographed this iconic view of the Teton Range and Snake River from roughly this vantage point. The sweep of the Snake River below the sagebrush flats and the high peaks of the Teton Range towering above enthrall all who visit. Today visitors try to capture this image forgetting that trees have grown and the exact location is not known. Below this point, rafters access the Snake River at Deadmans Bar coming downstream from Pacific Creek or continuing on to Moose.

Name Origin

The headwaters for the Snake River are in the Teton Wilderness just outside of Yellowstone National Park. After flowing into Yellowstone briefly, the river cuts through Grand Teton National Park, across Idaho and flows into the Columbia River in Washington.

Previous names include the Lewis River (after Lewis & Clark), La Maudite Riviere Enragee (The Accursed Mad River by French fur trappers), the Mad River, Sho-sho-ne-pah (or Shoshone Indians) that lead to the final name Snake River.

Grand Teton National Park

Last updated: January 12, 2024