Shenandoah Valley Overlook

Valley and mountains from Shenandoah Valley Overlook with compass and labels.
What's the view from Shenandoah Valley Overlook?

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Facing north from an elevation of 1,390 ft (423 m) you are looking at the northern end of the Shenandoah Valley. Looking to the right you can see Signal Knob. Signal Knob is the northern tip of the Massanutten Mountain, a range that divides the Shenandoah Valley and forks the Shenandoah River.
The town of Front Royal is to the right of the view. Front Royal was incorporated in 1788. It is believed that the name Front Royal derived from the French "le front royal," referring to the frontier of British (hence, royal) territory during the early days of colonial America.

Last updated: November 7, 2021