Sarah Rittenhouse Armillary Sphere

A large sundial on top of a pedestal reading
Sarah Rittenhouse Armillary Sphere

Quick Facts

Scenic View/Photo Spot

The armillary sphere was damaged in 2019. Proposals are being assessed for the reinstallation of the memorial.

The memorial to Sarah Louise Rittenhouse (1845-1943) is an armillary sphere on a marble pedestal. She is considered the founder of Montrose Park in Georgetown and is given credit for saving the park area from a housing development planned in the early 1900's. This memorial was a gift from the Georgetown Garden Club and was dedicated in 1956.

In Tribute to
Sarah Louisa Rittenhouse
Through Her Vision
And Perseverance This
Land Became
Montrose Park
An etching on the back of the pedestal reads:
Erected by the Georgetown Garden Club