Path of the Pronghorn Turnout

Path of the pronghorn wayside with view looking across sagebrush meadows of Anetlope Flats toward Blacktail Butte and the Teton Range
Path of the Pronghorn with Teton Range

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Pronghorn and bison frequent the sagebrush meadows before you during the summer. Pronghorn are the fastest land animal in North America sprinting to speeds of 60 mph (96 kph). As winter sets in, pronghorn (also known as pronghorn antelope) migrate southeast on the second-longest terrestrial migration in North America. They encounter many obstacles along their route including fences and roads. Studying their migration has led to efforts to protect this pathway.

Name Origin

Pronghorn ( Antilocapra americana ) also known as antelope are the fastest terrestrial animal in North America, and have the second longest migration! They can sprint 60 mph and sustain over 40 mph for one mile! After spending summers in the sagebrush flats along the base of the Teton Range, they migrate up to 150 miles south and east up the Gros Ventre drainage and down past Pinedale, WY. Fences are a significant barrier to migration. Pronghorn are reluctant to jump fences and will generally crawl under them.

Grand Teton National Park

Last updated: January 21, 2021