Oxbow Bend Turnout

View of Mount Moran reflected in the Oxbow Bend with golden-leafed aspen trees in the middle-ground. A wayside about American Indian culture is in front of a photographer.
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Quick Facts

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Oxbow Bend provides a stunning view of the northern Teton Range especially during fall. Mount Moran towers in the distance and golden-leafed aspen trees flank this slow-moving bend in the Snake River. A calm morning may also capture a reflection of Mount Moran mirrored in the water.

Visitors frequent this turnout to catch a glimpse of wildlife. Moose, beaver, muskrat, river otters and white pelicans are common, but others such as bears and trumpeter swans make appearances. Enjoy the view or the wildlife from one of the most popular turnouts in the park.

Name Origin

A bend in the Snake River that resembles the bow under an oxen yoke. Geologically speaking, an oxbow forms when a meander channel is cut off from the main stream forming a pond.

Grand Teton National Park

Last updated: April 5, 2024