National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

A bronze statue of a female lion with a wreath placed on it.
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

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Washington, DC

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The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is dedicated to law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. The Memorial Fund is a principal organizer of the National Police Week observance each May and hosts candlelight vigil each May to honor all fallen officers. In addition, the Memorial Fund maintains the largest, most comprehensive database of line-of-duty officer deaths, conducts research into officer fatality trends and issues, and serves as an information clearinghouse.


Pool curb
This Memorial is Dedicated to Law Enforcement Officers in the United States of America
Inscribed on these Walls are the Names of Those
Men and Women Who Died in the Line of Duty
Lion 1
Carved on these Walls
Is the Story of America
of a Continuing Quest to Preserve
Both Democracy and Decency
And to Protect a National Treasure
That we Call the American Dream
President George Bush
Lion 2
It is Not How
These Officers Died
It is How They Lived
Vivian Eney Survivor
Lion 3
The Wicked Flee
When No Man Pursueth
But the Righteus
Are Bold as a Lion
Proverbs 28-1
Lion 4
In Valor
There is Hope

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