Murie Ranch

Small log cabin serving as office for the Murie Ranch of Teton Science Schools. Brochure box for self-guided tour to the right of the office and a boulder with a plaque designating the ranch as a National Historic Landmark to the left.
Murie Ranch Office

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Brothers Olaus and Adolph Murie married sisters Margaret and Louise and acquired the STS Ranch in 1945. The Ranch, later known as the Murie Ranch, became the setting for their research, writings, and gatherings. Through science, art and writing, the Muries captured and personified the spirit of wilderness, inspiring generations to visit the Murie Ranch and become advocates of wild places. Olaus and Adolph Murie were pioneering wildlife biologists. Their innovative studies helped move wildlife management toward holistic management of ecosystems rather than the promotion of individual species.

Today the Murie Ranch is part of the Teton Science Schools offering extended learning opportunities for adults. For more information please visit The Murie Center website.

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Last updated: April 9, 2021