McKee Amphitheater

A large outdoor screen protected by a brown building sits in front of row after row of benches.
Ranger led evening programs are presented most nights between Memorial Day and Labor Day.


Quick Facts

Amphitheater, Benches/Seating, Wheelchair Accessible

McKee Amphitheater is the primary location for evening park ranger programs at Grand Canyon National Park during the warmer summer months. Located just off a trail leading between the Rim Trail and Park Headquarters, McKee features bench seating in an open-air amphitheater. During the summer of 2021, In the event of inclement weather, programs will be cancelled. Check bulletin boards, at park visitor centers or at information tables for the current week's schedule of available ranger programs.

Check the PARK CALENDAR on Grand Canyon National Park's website, or on the NPS Mobile App, for the schedule of this week's programs. 

What's in a Name?

McKee Amphitheater is named after Park Naturalist Edwin Dinwiddie McKee. Hired to work at Grand Canyon in 1929 Eddie McKee established ranger led programs along the canyon rims, installed interpretive signs and displays, wrote educational pamphlets, and helped to establish the first version of Grand Canyon's research library and the non-profit that continues to support park operations to this day. Trained as a geologist he authored numerous scientific papers on Grand Canyon rocks and strata as well as the canyon's natural resources. Working at the canyon until 1940 Eddie McKee helped to lay the frame work for modern Interpretation of Grand Canyon resources and greatly expanded the collective knowledge of both the ancient environments and conditions that formed Grand Canyon's rock layers as well as the forces and processes necessary to carve the vast canyon we see today.