Martyr's Rock

A rock formation with metal symbols of a cross, a star, and a moon, with dry grass in the foreground
Martyr's rock features the religious symbols of the five martyrs to La Causa.

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Martyr's Rock is dedicated to the people who lost their lives during the struggle for civil rights for the farmworkers who feed America. The three metal symbols mounted on top of this rock formation represent the people who died during the grape strikes. Five martyrs are honored here: Nan Freeman, Nagi Daifallah, Juan De La Cruz, Rufino Contreras, and Rene Lopez. The Christian Cross, a Star of David, and a Muslim Crescent Moon represent their different faiths and backgrounds.

During the conflicts that cost the martyrs their lives, Cesar remained committed to non-violence. He began his first fast in 1968 as a way to recommit himself and his followers to peaceful protests. Learn more about this fast at the Tomasa Zapata Co-op Service Station location in this mobile app.

César E. Chávez National Monument

Last updated: May 3, 2021