Lower Willow Flats Overlook

Wayside sign with view looking across Willow Flats toward Jackson Lake and the northern Teton Range
Lower Willow Flats Overlook

Quick Facts

Historical/Interpretive Information/Exhibits, Wheelchair Accessible

The Willow Flats area offers excellent wildlife and scenic viewing opportunities. Elk rear their calves in the protection of the willow-shaded meadows below. Grizzly bears forage on grubs and bulbs and hunt elk calves. Sandhill cranes frequent the open grasslands.

The view across Jackson Lake toward the Teton Range highlights the dramatic rise of the mountains above the valley floor. No foothills block your view because uplift along the Teton fault hinges the crustal block skyward while dropping the valley floor. The lodgepole pine-covered ridges are not foothills, but glacial moraines. As glaciers retreated, they left behind ridges of rocky debris that now support forests on the valley floor.

Grand Teton National Park

Last updated: April 5, 2024