James Buchanan Memorial

A bronze seated statue of President Buchanan. The platform is granite, with two figures representing Law and Diplomacy.
President James Buchanan Memorial at Meridian Hill Park

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James Buchanan (1791-1868) was 15th president of the United States. His presidency (1857-1861) came at the brink of the Civil War, and some have faulted Buchanan for his failure to avert the sectional crisis that finally boiled over as he left office. Buchanan's niece, who had served as the unmarried president's hostess, left a bequest to build this memorial upon her death in 1903. Many opposed the memorial's construction, finding it improper to honor Buchanan ahead of presidents such as Adams or Jefferson. After many years in limbo, the memorial was finally approved by Congress and was dedicated in 1930.


Statue, corner
Hans Schuler 1929

Left wall
James Buchanan of Pennsylvania / President of the United States / MDCCCLVII MDCCCLXI

Right wall
The Incorruptible Statesman Whose Walk was Upon the Mountain Ranges of the Law