Historic Community Building

A large brown two story wooden beam building with a shingle room rests among small pine trees.
The building has a long history of hosting community related events.


Quick Facts

Bicycle - Rack, Picnic Table

This wooden two-story building was constructed in 1934–1935 by the National Park Service and Civilian Conservation Corps workers from Company 819.

The Public Works Administration (PWA), with help from the local PTA, American Legion, and Masons, funded the construction of the Community Building, which cost $12,607.09. It replaced a structure in another location that had burned in 1933. Over the years, the Community Building has hosted plays, dances, and community meetings; housed a public library; offered movies; served as the Masonic lodge meeting room; and provided space for a day care center and classrooms.

The rock monument in front of the Community Building memorializes Del E. Webb, a Phoenix-based contractor and philanthropist whose construction company built and renovated several buildings in Grand Canyon National Park. After his death in 1974, the Del E. Webb Foundation continued to support the park through funding various renovations. Grand Canyon is appreciative of the support of the Del E. Webb Foundation over the years.

In 1996 the Community Building underwent a substantial rehabilitation. Its ground floor is now used for community, cultural, educational, and informational events, and the second floor houses permanent offices.

Last updated: December 30, 2020