Granite Canyon Trailhead

Poster showing a construction working in front of a mountain range.
Plan ahead and prepare for construction along the Moose-Wilson Road.

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Moose-Wilson Road Construction: The Granite Canyon Trailhead will be closed to all access during 2022 except for winter use due to Moose-Wilson Road Construction. Seek alternative trails or trailheads when planning a hike.

Location: Access the Granite Canyon Trailhead one mile north of the Granite Entrance Station on the Moose-Wilson Road. The road is not accessible to vehicles over 23.3 feet long or trailers. The dirt parking lot is small so arrive early in the day to secure your space.

Notes: There are no facilities at this trailhead-remember to bring water and use the restroom before you arrive. Bears may be active any place and at any time-travel in groups, make noise and carry bear spray. Backcountry camping requires a permit-pick one up at a backcountry permits office.


Hikers may opt for the relatively level Valley Trail or climb Granite Canyon to access the Teton Crest Trail. The south fork of Granite Canyon leads to the back of Rendezvous Mountain home to the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The north fork of Granite Canyon leads to Marion Lake.

Marion Lake
18.5 miles RT, 12 hours, 3000 ft total climbing, Strenuous.
Follow Granite Creek to beautiful Marion Lake.

Top of the Tram
Requires a shuttle or return along Valley Trail to the trailhead adding about 1 mile.
11.7 miles to top, 10 hours, 4800 feet climbing, 800 feet descending.
Start at Granite Canyon Trailhead and hike to the top of the Tram for a free ride down!

Name Origin

Early explorers misidentified the rocks found in the canyon as igneous granite. In the upper canyon, the rocks are actually metamorphic metagabbro that resembles granite.

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Last updated: April 5, 2024