Golden Gate

A modern concrete bridge snugly fits against a steep canyon

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The development of a road system was essential in making Yellowstone more accessible to the public.

Engineer Hiram Chittenden replaced many wooden bridges with steel or concrete throughout the park. His most difficult project was the replacement of the rickety trestle at Golden Gate with a 200-foot viaduct and a series of 11 concrete arches built into the cliff wall over a canyon.

Over the years the Golden Gate viaduct had to be reconstructed, and the bridge over the Yellowstone River was condemned in 1959.

A campaign to preserve the original bridge by building the new Chittenden Memorial Bridge in a different place was thwarted by the discovery that Chittenden had used the only logical location.

Expect Travel Hazards and Delays

  • Stay behind rock walls.
  • Drive cautiously and defensively.
  • Allow time for road congestion.
  • Do not stop on or block a road.
  • Use pullouts; stay in your car to watch animals.

Think Safety, Act Safely

Yellowstone is a Dangerous Place

Yellowstone National Park

Last updated: March 17, 2021