First Beach - La Push

A sliver of sun over the ocean at sunset.
Photo by S. Sheltren/NPS.

Quick Facts

La Push/First Beach is the home of the Quileute Nation. You can learn about the history of this area here.
While visiting the Quileute Nation, please observe proper ettiquette as follows (quoted from Quileute Nation website):

"The Quileute Tribe is a Sovereign Nation which means they have their own government inside of the United States that consists of a Tribal Council. The Quileute Tribe makes decisions on how best to balance community and tradition, while providing visitors with enjoyable experiences. However, in an effort to avoid misunderstandings or violations of our customs, we ask that visitors follow basic procedures for conduct. Thank you for your assistance in helping us protect our sacred and ceremonial areas including the preservation of historical artifacts.

"Please be attentive to signage, and obey our individual tribal rules and regulations. Please respect the privacy of residential communities. Ask before photographing or recording an individual, an event, or activity. Do not pick up or remove artifacts or objects, such as sand, rocks, shells, minerals, marine growth, driftwood from beach, eagle feathers, broken pottery, etc. (This is a violation of ORDINANCE NO. 74-A-8) Burial grounds and religious ceremonies are sacred and are not to be entered.

"Traditionally, our people are hospitable and generous in nature. However, spiritual teachings, sacred ceremonies and burial grounds are not openly shared with the public. We are proud of our teachings, and our heritage. They have been passed to us by our ancestors, and represent thousands of years of our individual histories. Your patience and understanding of our traditions and cultures is appreciated. Thank You."

You can learn more about the community and current events from the Quileute Tribe's monthly newspaper.

First Beach is accessible by vehicles and is popular for surfing. There are nearby options for dining and accommodations managed by the Quileute Tribe. Check current conditions at this webcam.

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Last updated: February 9, 2023