FDR Memorial: 4th Term

Statue: “Eleanor Roosevelt: First United States delegate to the United Nations”, United Nations Logo
Eleanor Roosevelt in the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial.

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Inscriptions in the 4th Term Room

On ground, as you enter the 4th Term Room

Fourth Term 1945

Wall, entrance

More Than as End to Wars, We Want and End to the Beginnings of All War

Beneath United Nations emblem

Eleanor Roosevelt
First United States Delegate
To the United Nations

Left of Eleanor Roosevelt sculpture

The Structure of World Peace Cannot be the Work of One Man, or One Party, or One Nation... It Must be a Peace Which Rests on the Cooperative Effort of the Whole World.

On the arched steps

  • January 30, 1882 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Born at Hyde Park New York
  • 1905 Marries Eleanor Roosevelt
  • 1921 Stricken with Poliomyelitis - He Never Again Walked Unaided
  • 1928-1932 Governor of New York
  • 1932, Pledges "A New Deal" for the American People
  • 1932, Elected Thirty-Second President of the United States
  • 1933, Delivers First Fireside Chat
  • 1936, Re-Elected to Second Term as President
  • 1940, Re-Elected to Third Term as President
  • 1941, Delivers Four Freedoms Speech
  • 1941, Japan Attacks Pearl Harbor - War Declared
  • 1941, Germany and Italy Declare War on the United States
  • 1944, Re-Elected to Fourth Term as President
  • April 12, 1945 Dies at Warm Springs, Georgia

Wall, exit

The Only Limit to Our Realization of Tomorrow Will be Our Doubts of Today. Let Us Move Forward with Strong and Active Faith.

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Worship
Freedom from Want
Freedom from Fear

Artists and Architects of the 4th Term Room

Landscape architect of the 4th Term Room: Lawrence Halprin
Sculptor of the Funeral Procession bas relief: Leonard Baskin
Sculptor of the statue of Eleanor Roosevelt: Neil Estern

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Last updated: April 7, 2021