FDR Memorial: 3rd Term

Statue of man (FDR) in front of stone wall with inscription.
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial at National Mall & Memorial Parks

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West wall:
We Must Be The Great Arsenal Of Democracy

I hate war

Wall by waterfall:
I Have Seen War
I Have Seen War On Land And Sea. I Have Seen Blood Running From The Wounded...i Have Seen The Dead In The Mud. I Have Seen Cities Destroyed... I Have Seen Chidren Starving. I Have Seen The Agony Of Mothers And Wives.
I Hate War

Behind FDR sculpture:
They (Who) Seek To Establish Systems Of Government Based On The Regimentation Of All Human Beings By A Handful Of Individual This A New Order...
It Is Not New And It Is Not Order.

Wall left of FDR sculpture:
We Have Faith That Future Generations Will Know That Here, In The Middle Of The Twentieth Century, There Came A Time When Men Of Good Will Found A Way To Unite, And Produce, And Fight To Destroy The Forces Of Ignorance, And Intolreance, And Slavery, And War.

Landscape architect: Lawrence Halprin
Sculptor: Neil Estern

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial , National Mall and Memorial Parks

Last updated: February 27, 2024