FDR Memorial: 2nd Term

Statues of three men in bread line
Bread Line statue in the 2nd term room of the FDR Memorial

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Historical/Interpretive Information/Exhibits

This part of the memorial represents FDR's second term as president.

Above bread line:
The Test of Our Progress is Not Whether Add More to the Abundance of Those Who Have Much, It Is Whether WE Provide Enough for Those Who Have Too Little.

Above sculptures of farmers:
I See One Third of a Nation Ill-Housed, Ill-Clad, Ill-Nourished

Above radio sculpture:
I Never Forget That I Live in a House Owned by All the American People and That I Have Been Given Their Trust.

Wall, right of waterfall:
It Is Time To Extend Planning To A Wider Field, In This Instance Comprehending In One Great Project Many States Directly Concerned With The Basin Of One Of Our Greatest Rivers. Tennessee Valley Authority.

Wall, left of waterfall:
I Propose To Create A Civilian Conservation Corps To Be Used In Simple Work...more Important, However, Than The Material Gains Will Be The Moral And Spiritual Value Of Such Work.

Landscape architect: Lawrence Halprin
Sculptor (statues): George Segal
Sculptor (panels and columns): Robert Graham

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial , National Mall and Memorial Parks

Last updated: February 27, 2024