FDR Memorial: 1st Term

A tall, stone wall has words engraved said by Franklin Roosevelt.
Among American Citizens

Photo: NPS / Kelsey Graczyk

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This part of the memorial represents FDR's 1st term as president.


Wall, right to left:
This Generation Of Americans Has A Rendezvous With Destiny I Pledge Myself To A New Deal For The American People In These Days Of Difficulty, We Americans Everywhere Must And Shall Choose The Path Of Social Justice...the Path Of Faith, The Path Of Hope, And The Path Of Love Toward Our Fellow Man. No Country, However Rich, Can Afford The Waste Of Its Human Resources. Demoralization Caused By Vast Unemployment Is Our Greatest Extravagance. Morally, The Greatest Menace To Our Social Order.

Above bas relief:
The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is Fear Itself

Wall opposite waterfall:
Men And Nature Must Work Hand In Hand. The Throwing Out Of Balance Of The Resources Of Nature Throws Out Of Balance Also The Lives Of Men.

Wall, exit:
Among American Citizens There Should Be No Forgotten Men And No Forgotten Races.

Landscape architect: Lawrence Halprin
Sculptor (bas relief): Leonard Baskin

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial , National Mall and Memorial Parks

Last updated: March 7, 2024