Duck on a Rock

A piece of rock extending above the canyon rim roughly shaped by erosion in front of distant rocks
The view was so good it didn't just drop its jaw, it lost its whole bill!


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Desert View Drive

Historical/Interpretive Information/Exhibits, Parking - Auto, Parking - Bus/RV, Scenic View/Photo Spot, Wheelchair Accessible

This unsigned viewpoint on Desert View Drive offers plenty of parking for cars, larger vehicles, and RVs to stop and view Grand Canyon and a well-known rock formation. Located just east of Yaki Point, its local name of Duck on a Rock comes from the Kaibab formation to the left side of the viewpoint, which some say resembles a duck on a rock. Can you see it? Think rubber ducky?

Still no? That's OK, erosion and time have worked their magic on the once aptly named formation and its bill was worn off long ago, but what remains still stands out above the canyon.

People, both past and present, often try to make sense out of the canyon's immense size and grandeur by seeking the familiar in a strange and unknown landscape. Scattered throughout Grand Canyon you will find sinking ships, alligators, covered wagons, figures of myth and legend, and more all hidden in the rocks and formations we see. This time honored tradition helps us make sense of the canyon landscape, recalls a comforting feeling or memory,  and helps us focus on the shapes and details before us.

What do you see in the canyon's formations? 

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Last updated: October 1, 2021