Big Trees Loop Trailhead

Wooden sign at the arrival area
Big Trees Loop Trailhead

Quick Facts

Recycling, Trash/Litter Receptacles, Wheelchair Accessible

Winding through an impressive forest with many giant sequoias, this trail offers numerous interpretive panels on the life and ecology of this unique place. This loop is relatively flat and is wheelchair accessible.

Big Trees Loop (easy)
0.3 mile (0.5 km) loop-trip; 30-45 minutes


From approximately December to April, the Mariposa Grove Road is closed to vehicles and the shuttle no longer operates. The road, along with all trails within the Grove, remain open to hikers, snowshoers, and skiers.

See website for more information.

Getting Here

The Mariposa Grove is located near Yosemite National Park's South Entrance. Park at the Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza and take the free shuttle to the Mariposa Grove, when operating. Private vehicles may only enter the Mariposa Grove when the road is open and the shuttle is not operating. Only vehicles displaying a disability placard are permitted to drive into the Grove at any time.

Rules & Regulations

  • Stay on established trails
  • Pets are not allowed on any trails in the Mariposa Grove. Pets are not currently allowed on the Mariposa Grove Road, Washburn Trail, or anywhere in the Mariposa Grove. (Normally, pets are allowed in the parking areas and on the paved road up to near the Grizzly Giant (but not to the Grizzly Giant) on leash only.) Pets are not allowed on shuttles.
  • Horses are only allowed on the Perimeter Trail and not anywhere else within the Mariposa Grove.
  • Restrooms are located at the Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza and Arrival Area, near the Mariposa Grove Cabin, and near the Grizzly Giant year-round. During winter, some of these will be converted to vault toilets.
  • Drinking water is available only at the welcome plaza (year-round) and arrival area (summer only), so plan accordingly.
  • There are no food services available at the Mariposa Grove Welcome Plaza or within the Mariposa Grove. The Depot, located at the welcome plaza, has a selection of books, maps, general information, and gifts.
  • Bicycles are allowed on the Mariposa Grove Road between the welcome plaza (near South Entrance) and the Grizzly Giant when the road is open for the season. Bicycles are not allowed elsewhere in the the Mariposa Grove. (In 2022, cycling is not allowed beyond the arrival area.)
  • Bears and other wildlife can be present on trails at any time. Feeding or approaching wildlife is dangerous and illegal! Be sure to keep your food within arm's reach at all times, or store properly.
  • Overnight camping is allowed in the Mariposa Grove from December 1 through April 15, if the Mariposa Grove Road is closed to cars. A wilderness permit is required to camp. Camping is only allowed above the Clothespin Tree.
  • In the winter, water is only available at the welcome plaza and pit toilets are available in the Mariposa Grove at the arrival area, near the Grizzly Giant, and near the Mariposa Grove Cabin.


Vehicles displaying a disability placard can drive to the Mariposa Grove Arrival Area where designated accessible parking spaces are available. The Mariposa Grove Arrival Area is accessible, as well as the Big Trees Loop Trail.

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Last updated: May 10, 2022