Big Stump Entrance Station

A road leads too small wooden buildings
The entrance station for Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Forest

Quick Facts
Located along Highway 180, 20 miles east of Squaw Valley, California and 3 miles east of the junction of Highway 245 and 180.

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Welcome to Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks! This entrance station is probably your first stop within the parks if you are coming from Fresno. On Highway 180, this is where you pay the entrance fee to these national parks and the Hume Lake District of Sequoia National Forest.

In addition to collecting entrance fees, staff at the station hand out orientation and safety publications. For more information, consult the NPS app, visitor center staff, or the parks' web pages.

Be Prepared:
There are no gas stations within park boundaries, although there are limited, seasonal stations on nearby national forest lands. Electric vehicle charging stations may be available in communities outside of the parks.

If you have a longer vehicle or worry about winding roads you may prefer this entrance. Highway 180 and nearby roads are straighter, less steep, and wider.

Two Parks

The area you're entering was originally known as General Grant National Park, and was created just after Sequoia National Park. It was originally managed by the superintendent of Sequoia, then gained autonomy in the 1930s. In 1943, its administration was again merged with Sequoia's as a wartime economy move and they've remained together ever since. Today, though they have separate names, both parks are managed as one and the same.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks

Last updated: April 5, 2024