Barbecue Grove

Under a twilight sky and shadowed trees, lights are strung above a large gathering of people.
A modern park fundraising event in the theme of Lyndon Johnson's historic barbecues.

NPS Photo / Jack Burton

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Amidst the grove of live oak trees, Lyndon and Lady Bird Johnson hosted large Texas-style barbecues. At these events hundreds of guests dined on delicious barbecued ribs or brisket smoked over pits here in the grove. Music from the guitars and trumpets of mariachi bands filled the grove with a festive air. These outdoor barbecues were simultaneously great show, great fun, and serious politics. "All the world" was welcome at these western galas. Guests-of-honor hailed from around the globe: Mexico, West Germany, Pakistan, and from nations throughout Latin America.

Lyndon B Johnson National Historical Park

Last updated: March 29, 2021