Air Force "One-Half"

Past an blue curtain and door, cushioned bench seats face the blue carpeted center of the cabin.
Interior view of President Johnson's Air Force "One-Half"

NPS Photo / Jack Burton

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The following are the specifications for the Lockheed JetStar (VC-140): 

Span: 54 feet, 11 inches.
Length: 60 feet, 5 inches.
Height: 20 feet, 5 inches.
Weight: 41,000 pounds maximum.
Engines: four Pratt and Whitney J-60 turbojets.
Crew: 3 (2 cockpit, 1 flight attendant.)
Performance: Maximum speed, 605 miles per hour.
Cruising speed, 520 miles per hour.
Range: 2,200 miles.
Service ceiling: 45,000 feet

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Last updated: November 7, 2021