98th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Monument

A large monument in front of a grassy field.
98th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Monument

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Washington, DC

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Monument erected by the 98th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry who served with the Union Army during the Battle of Fort Stevens. The regiment was part of the reinforcements sent from the Army of the Potomac in Petersburg, Virginia to reinforce the undermanned garrisons in Washington D.C. The veterans arrived on the July 11, 1864, and took part in the attack that drove the rebel army from the gates of Washington the following evening, concluding the battle. 

The monument was the first dedicated at the cemetery in 1891.


Memorial Description

A granite column inscribed with the names of the dead and wounded who fought in the defense of Washington on July 11 and 12, 1864.


In Memory of Our Comrades Killed and Wounded in Battle on This Field
July 11th & 12th 1864
98th Reg't. P.V.
1st Brig. 2nd Div. 6th Corps
Killed in Battle
July 11th & 12th 1864
Frederick Walter Co.
Bernhard Hoerle
Sergt. George Marquet
Corpl. Henry Poelser
Michael Bruner
Charles Sehaus
George Merkle
Joseph Schnitzler
Wounded in Battle
July 11th & 12th 1864
Col. John F. Ballier
Lt. Col. John B. Kohler
Capt. Wm. Wilson Co.K
Lt. Geo. Schuler G
Samuel Thompson A
Corpl Charles Veneman A
Sergt. Frank Reiner C
Frederick Denker C
Corpl. William Aberle D
Jacob Reiner D
George Klumpp D
William Caus E
Daniel Kirsch E
Wounded in Battle
July 11th & 12th 1864
Corpl. J. Schweitzer CO. E
Corpl. I. Fred. Loedle E
Frederick Frank E
William Fratz G
Sergt. Christian Brandt G
Frank Maier G
Sergt. John Wagner G
Sergt. John G. Greul H
Arthur Corvan H
Sergt. Jacob Goetz K
Sergt. William Bayer K
Frank Weingartner K
Christian Worster K
Sergt. John G. Kaiser K
John Gress K

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