122nd New York Volunteer Infantry Monument

A stone monument stands in a cemetery on green grass on a cloudy day
122nd New York Volunteer Infantry Monument near Rock Creek Park

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Monument erected by the 122nd New York Infantry who served with the Union Army during the Battle of Fort Stevens. The regiment was part of the reinforcements sent from the Army of the Potomac in Petersburg, Virginia to reinforce the undermanned garrisons in Washington D.C. The veterans arrived on the July 11, 1864, and took part in the attack that drove the rebel army from the gates of Washington the following evening, concluding the battle.

Dedicated: July 12, 1904

Memorial Description

A granite column with a shallow point at it's top. Intricate scross work surrounds the top of the column. There is a bronze plaque near the bottom of the column inscribed withe the seal of the State of New York. There are inscriptions on all four sides of the memorial.


To the gallant sons of Onondaga County, N.Y. who fought on this field July 12, 1864 in defense of Washington and the presence of Abraham Lincoln.
Base, front
122 N.Y.V.
right side
Killed and Died of Wounds
John Bentley
Alanson Mosier
John Kennedy
George H. Richardson
Harvey P.B. Chandler
David L. Hogeboom
John Preston
Served Three Years in the Sixth Army Corps
Maryes Heights
Salem Church
Rappahannock Sta.
Mine Run
Spottsylvania C.H.
Cold Harbor
Fort Stevens
Fishers Hill
Cedar Creek
Fort Stedman
Sailors Creek
Left side
Capt. Davis Cossitt
Alonzo Fradenburgh
Loriston Adkins
Caius A. Weaver
Thomas H. Scott
Ruel P. Buzzell
James Goodfellow
John Laupenthal
Thomas Thornton
Charles C. Snedeker
Miles J. McGough
Jehial Landphier
Peter Stebbins
Wiliam Q. Swartz
Thomas G. Dallman
Merrick C. Smith
James Davidson
William Thompson

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