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Pipestone National Monument
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In order to quarry pipestone, you must obtain a permit from the Monument superintendent. There are no permits currently available. Completion of this form will place your name on the waiting list. Your name will advance to the top as permits are assigned to names above yours. Please be patient as it may be 10 years before you receive a permit.

When a permit becomes available, you will be contacted by mail and/or telephone. Please list the most current information, as well as family contacts in the event that you move. Applicants have lost out on getting a permit because of returned mail and disconnected or wrong numbers. It is your responsibility to inform the Monument of any changes to addresses and telephone numbers.

To qualify for a permit, you must be a member of a U.S. federally recognized Indian tribe. At the time you are notified of the availability of a permit you will be required to provide proof of enrollment. This may be in the form of a tribal identification card, enrollment affidavit, or a letter from a tribal enrollment official.

Please state your choice as to an Annual, Monthly or the day/week permit.

Last updated: April 6, 2017

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