"When you pray with this pipe, you pray for and with everything."  -Black Elk

For countless generations, American Indians have quarried the red pipestone found at this site. These grounds are sacred to many people because the pipestone quarried here is carved into pipes used for prayer. Many believe that the pipe's smoke carries one's prayer to the Great Spirit. The traditions of quarrying and pipemaking continue here today.

Coming this November, For the first time since 1958...

New Exhibits on the Way

Pipestone National Monument has worked with 23 affiliated tribal nations to create brand new exhibits

Quarrier breaking through quartzite to get to the pipestone

Active Pipestone Quarry

Quarrier swinging a sledge hammer in an active quarry

Water falling over pink cliffs

Quartzite Cliffs

The quartzite cliffs are on the paved, 3/4-mile Circle Trail. While usually dry, heavy rains can create stunning waterfalls overnight.

2 geese walking on a paved trail

The Circle Trail

The Circle Trail is a paved, 3/4 mile, walking trail that leads to several points of interest at Pipestone National Monument.

Last updated: September 14, 2019

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